Feeling Jealous? Here’s What to Do

Feeling Jealous? Here's What to Do

(GivenUs.com) – Jealousy can be a complex emotion. It can generate rage, suspicion, fear or humiliation. While we all experience this feeling from time to time, there are ways to control it.

Anna Akana, a YouTube vlogger, explains what she does to calm seething emotions.

Feeling jealous? Try a different approach.

Don’t Be Mad, Get Inspired

Instead of getting jealous over your friend’s brand-new car, let it inspire you. Say you want a new ride too, but your debt-to-income ratio is way too high for you to qualify for a loan. Use your jealousy as a way to tackle your debt and get on the right path to new car ownership.

Use Your Envy to Serve You Rather Than Self-Criticize

Feeling slightly jealous about your co-worker’s promotion and pay raise? Don’t knock yourself down over it; instead, use it to serve you for the better. Talk to your co-worker about what they did to get the promotion. Start stepping up your game at work. Go the extra mile, so you’ll be next in line for a stellar position and hefty pay increase.

Nip self-centered feelings in the bud! Jealousy can be evil, but it can also be a teaching tool. Remain open-minded and see just how far this emotion can help you rise rather than fall.

~Here’s to Your Success!

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