5 Tips to Soar Like an Eagle

5 Tips to Soar Like an Eagle

(GivenUs.com) – If you were a bird, what kind would you be? It may seem like a silly question, but the answer could be revealing. Are you a parrot with plenty to say but much of it repeating what you’ve been told? Are you a goose regally gliding through life until you spy someone with a sandwich and then turn into a junkyard brawler? Or maybe you’re an eagle — an inspiration to us all.

If you’re feeling inspired to soar like an eagle, here are five tips to do it.

Cultivate Resilience

Eagles don’t give up when life gets tough, and neither should you. When you cultivate resilience, you learn to face life’s challenges with determination. Soar like an eagle when you are resilient enough to encounter setbacks but keep going anyway.

Consider a Broader Perspective

Eagles have the benefit of seeing the big picture. They don’t just have a narrow focus. To soar like an eagle, consider a broader perspective — letting in others’ viewpoints rather than seeing the world from your experience only. A broader perspective can help you develop compassion, understanding and empathy.

Keep Growing

Eagles don’t leave the nest and stop growing. They start flying. They become survivors, learning their environment in order to thrive. Never stop growing as a person and you, too, can fly high like the eagles do.

Develop Independence

Eagles are fiercely independent, and independence can be a beautiful trait for any human to possess. Becoming more capable and resourceful will help you navigate life’s challenges without always expecting help to get where you’re going. This doesn’t mean you can’t ever ask for help; it just means that you value and cultivate being as self-reliant as you can be.

Inspire Others

Like the eagle, you can inspire others by the way you live. There’s more to it than leading by example; it’s about living a life so honorable that other people are inspired to be better, too. When you keep trying, growing and developing your compassion, you may just be the reason someone else decides to keep going when their life gets tough.

No matter what bird you identify with the most, you just might benefit from becoming a little more like the eagle — strong, independent, and inspirational as it soars across the sky. More than a symbol, an eagle is out there living its best life. You can, too.

~Here’s to Your Success!

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