You ARE As Unique as a Snowflake

You ARE As Unique as a Snowflake

( – We’ve all heard that every snowflake is different and that humans are similarly unique. It’s a pretty thought, but how accurate is it really?

While we’re shoveling snow or driving carefully across icy roads, snowflakes may seem treacherous rather than mysterious or romantic, but the next time we’re contemplating the beautiful falling flakes — preferably inside by a roaring fire with a steaming mug of cocoa clasped in our hands — we may want to marvel at these cool facts:

Here are a few other facts you may not have known about snowflakes:

  • Snow isn’t actually white. This mind-blowing fact may contradict your own eyes, but it’s true. Snow is actually translucent, but the light reflecting off it makes it appear white. Pollution and other environmental factors can actually turn it other colors from pink to blue to black.
  • There are hundreds of words that mean snow. The Scottish language alone has 421 words that mean snow. The Inuit have approximately 50. Worldwide, there are hundreds of words for snow.
  • It snows on Mars. The red planet can actually get snowstorms. NASA has used scientific simulations to explore weather conditions verified by robots that have been on the surface of Mars. Space snow sounds pretty amazing, doesn’t it?
  • Snow can be warming. It’s true! Snow insulates hibernating animals and keeps igloos warm on the inside. It seems crazy, but it’s just science. Snow is made up of trapped, warm air.

Snow isn’t as straightforward as it may seem, and these are just a few of the amazing facts scientists now know. Humans are equally variable — made up of tons of interesting facts if we’re curious enough to dive a little deeper getting to know them. The next time someone tells us we’re as unique as snowflakes, we can think of these fun facts and consider it a compliment to be compared to something so extraordinary.

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