Why People Get Promoted


Have you been with the same company for several years only to see other people getting promoted and you’re still at the same little desk? Seeing everyone around you succeed when you’re still struggling can be discouraging, to say the least. What do other employees have to offer that you don’t? Scroll down to discover how you can get on track to land your dream job, starting now!

Quick Read:
Wishing to get promoted to a different position within your company? Start by improving your skills, keeping perfect attendance and going above and beyond your existing duties. We’ll teach you how to boost your promotion opportunities using these core concepts in the next few sections.

THIS is the Secret to Getting Promoted Every Time:

Putting in the Time and Effort

If you’re sitting at your desk wondering why you’re still doing the same thing at the same pay, ask yourself if you’ve ever fallen short of your work goals? Are you consistently late on turning in work? Small things make the difference with getting a promotion. Always turn in your very best work and take steps to go above and beyond your supervisor’s expectations. Working through lunch or a few hours after work if need be shows you are willing to put in the time and effort for more responsibilities and a different position.

Further Training and Education

Tired of being stuck in the same position year after year? Employers not only want people who have energy and passion for what they do, they want competent workers who bring ideas to the table. A good way to pave a path to a promotion is to have more knowledge under your belt. Taking continuing education classes after work or online can sharpen your skills and boost your resume. Your education investment will pay off in the long run if you get promoted.

Be a Collaborative Team Player

No one likes a know-it-all or someone who tries to take over without being asked just to get ahead. This can come back to bite you. Instead, help another employee or your boss when needed. Don’t step on toes, but put forth an effort to help them meet their deadline or offer to help pick up some slack as long as it doesn’t interfere with your job duties. Small acts of kindness can pay off for you in the future within the company.

Simply Ask

Stuck in your position for far too long? A true leader and go-getter doesn’t just sit back and wait for an opportunity, they go out and grab it! There is nothing stopping you from going to your boss and simply asking for a promotion, raise or different job position. Make sure you’re able to pitch a good proposal. Don’t just go up and ask for the job without showcasing your skills and exactly why you deserve to make more money.

People get promoted because they show they can fulfill the job position and bring their skills and expertise to the forefront. Turn your stalemate job role into something exciting and rewarding by climbing your way to the top with ingenuity and collaboration with others.

~Here’s to Your Success