Even the Earth Is Creative — Here’s Proof

Even the Earth Is Creative -- Here's Proof

(GivenUs.com) – Are humans the most creative and intelligent species on Earth? We’d like to think so, although a few animals might have us beat in beauty. These gorgeous creatures in the video below highlight nature’s more inspirational side.

So, what do captivating butterflies have to do with you? They tell us beauty and creativity can go hand in hand. Read more to get inspired.

Glass-Winged Butterfly

What can you learn from this Chili native? It has gorgeous transparent wings that help it hide from predators. It may appear fragile, but it has the ability to maneuver and transform way beyond the restrictions imposed in its environment. Flexible and strong like this butterfly, you can overcome the obstacles in your life with grace and beauty.

Dead Leaf Butterfly

This marvelous creature appears to look just like a dead leaf that has fallen from above. While the average person might brush it away, this insect holds an intricate beauty that surpasses that of apparent other leaves — it’s a butterfly! If you feel discouraged, think of the dead leaf butterfly and know you can transform into something amazing!

The Monarch

This butterfly is a real gem and dubbed one of the most beautiful in the world. The intricacy in colors match up with its ability to migrate and survive through turbulent conditions. The creativity it holds is similar to our human ability to persevere. Think you’ve been defeated? Look to the monarch for beauty and inspiration to keep going.

The earth is full of intricate surprises. Always take the time to showcase your beauty and your creativity. You never know who will discover the hidden talent that you have to offer.

~Here’s to Your Success!

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