What Your Dreams Are Trying to Tell You

What Your Dreams Are Trying to Tell You

(GivenUs.com) – Is a dream ever really “just a dream”? Because these unrealistic (and often bizarre) scenarios that play out in our heads at night are all unique, it can be hard to say for sure just what significance they hold. People have been theorizing about dreams since before the days of Aristotle, while Sigmund Freud’s more recent theory suggests that they may represent our subconscious feelings and desires.

Brightside talks about some of the most compelling signs in this video:

Every dream is unique, but some of the most common themes include:

  • Flying
  • Falling
  • Being lost
  • Being chased
  • Being trapped
  • Losing teeth
  • Being naked
  • Meeting a celebrity

Having one of these dreams could indicate anything from your level of confidence and insecurities to your fears and aspirations. If you pay attention, it could be an excellent opportunity to build on strengths and overcome personal challenges.

Think about the signs appearing in your dreams each night; you may learn something important about yourself. What have your dreams been telling you lately?

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