What To Do When A Friendship Ends

What To Do When A Friendship Ends

(GivenUs.com) – Friendship breakups can be devastating and downright sad, especially after you’ve had years to grow close. Knowing that person will not be a part of your life can feel just as awful as parting ways with a lover — in fact, sometimes it’s worse. But if this has happened to you recently, please know that it won’t feel that way forever.

Kati Morton explains:

How to Cope

  • Remember, not all friendships last forever. We change and grow. And with that, so do friends in life. As we shed skins of our past self, some friendships no longer warrant our personal space or time. That’s normal, and it’s also okay.
  • Grieve the loss. That one person who you likely won’t talk to or see every day anymore really takes a bit of your soul with them. While we grieve the death of a loved one, a relationship loss also holds significance. Take time to absorb how you feel. Cry if you have to. Just don’t stay there forever — get up and get on with your life when you can.
  • Unfollow them on social media. It isn’t mean; it’s about self preservation. Protect yourself and your mind by detaching from the constant reminder of the individual. This is an important part of the healing process.

Ending a past relationship is rough, but it can also be an incredible learning experience. Not only does it help us find ourselves once again, but it also makes room for new experiences and friendships. Each is often better than the last. Leave the bad in the past and move forward with good memories and lessons learned.

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