Why People Sabotage Their Relationships

Why People Sabotage Their Relationships

(GivenUs.com) – Sabotaging our relationships is much easier than we think. It may be convenient to shift the blame for every relationship failure to something else or to concepts like “bad timing.” However, when we evaluate our own behavior, we may find some significant red flags of self-sabotage.

Repeating Patterns

If all our relationships can be described as toxic or unhealthy, we may need to evaluate the way we’re choosing our relationships. While toxic people may be attracted to us, the pattern is our choice to engage in those relationships. We cannot break these patterns if we don’t acknowledge and address them. Often, those most guilty of sabotaging relationships are locked into repeating patterns.

A Lack of Self-Love

Our self-perception is powerful. When we are filled with self-love, confidence and a sense of our own worthiness, we make choices that reflect these attitudes. When we have low self-esteem, a poor body image and a negative self-perception, we likely make poorer choices.

The “right” relationship cannot make us happy. Happiness has to come from ourselves. Healthy relationships simply add to that happiness. When we lack self-love, we often think we aren’t deserving of healthy relationships and either choose toxic ones or sabotage the healthy ones that come our way.

There’s one other key reason we sabotage our relationships. Check out this short video for an amazing insight:

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