This Video Proves Creativity Has No Limits

This Video Proves Creativity Has No Limits

( – Everyone loves the spark of creativity that comes with building Legos. You can follow the instructions and create what’s on the box, or you can step out of your element and construct your own masterpiece. Or, in the case of these designers, you can also prove creativity has no bounds by taking block building to the next level:

Some people turn their love for Legos into cold, hard cash! Check out these five amazing artists and gain some inspiration for your day:

  • Lego mosaic builder. Eric Harshbarger takes the title “Artist” to a whole new level! He is a master at color-coding design with Lego bricks, taking works of art like The Girl With a Pearl Earring and Mona Lisa and bringing them to life brick by brick.
  • Human sculptures. Former business entrepreneur Nathan Sawaya replicates actual human figures with Legos to generate chilling 3-D effects. His famous piece dubbed “Yellow” consists of 11,014 yellow bricks. Now that’s a feat!
  • Let the prank wars begin. One Lego artist tricked his boss by replacing his Volvo wagon with a faux duplicate made of, you guessed it, Lego bricks! Over 200,000 of them. The duplicate car weighed in at over 2,934 pounds.
  • Breaking world records. The London Bridge Lego replica was one of the most extensive Lego structures ever created. Made for Land-Rover, it holds the record for using the most bricks. With over 5 million pieces, it wows spectators.
  • Abandoned homes. Artist Mike Doyle replicates abandoned homes and mansions and brings them to life through each piece. It’s all about intricacy, and Doyle shows off some impressive detail with each design.

These creators show true artistic merit through their work. If you think Legos are just for kids, check these fascinating artists out. Prepare to have your mind blown!

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