Get Free Stuff Just for Saying Thank You

Get Free Stuff Just for Saying Thank You

Everyday life is filled with brands and their products. Getting ready in the morning, for example, typically means reaching for a favorite soap, toothpaste and deodorant. A commute often means endless exposure to signs and billboards advertising popular brands.

It can be easy to overlook how integrated into our lives certain items have become, but we take advantage of a lot to comfortably get through each day.

There’s a good argument for slowing down and taking note of the items that have improved our lives, then reaching out to the brands responsible and saying, “Thank you.” And it isn’t just about being nice, either; you just might discover those positive vibes come back to you in a BIG way.

The Flattery Project

In an essay for Best Wallet Hacks, writer Jim Wang retells his experience sending thank you emails to companies in an experiment he dubbed the Flattery Project. Wang shot out 42 different messages to the brands that were a part of his daily life, including Nespresso, Chick-fil-A and Chipotle. In his messages, he expressed his love of a specific product and his hope to “add a little sunshine” to the reader’s day, noting they probably got many complaints over email.

Then, he did something smart. He asked if there were samples or coupons available so he could try more of the products they made. While many companies didn’t respond, several sent him in-store coupons. One representative dropped a card in the mail along with a sample of their product. A few others sent gift cards.

Using Social Media to Express Your Appreciation

Another way to share your appreciation is on social media. Many companies are taking a new approach to marketing, relying on “micro-influencers” to spread the word about a brand. This kind of influencer is unusual in that they typically have a smaller following, but the people who follow them engage with their posts and trust what they share.

How does one become a micro-influencer? One way is to brag about a product on social media, tagging the brand that creates it in the post. Once these posts have caught a brand’s eye, they may start interacting with you regularly, providing the chance to reach out and ask for samples of new products to promote.

Of course, there are plenty of reasons to be grateful that don’t have anything to do with personal gain. Nothing makes someone’s (or some company’s) day like a little positive feedback from the masses. But showing a little gratitude can absolutely have its perks, and it’s okay to enjoy them when they come around.

The takeaway? Sending an appreciative message could result in free samples or coupons for items you already enjoy using. This practice probably won’t change your life, but it sure does make life a little lighter and a little bit more fun.

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