Is Music Really a Visual Art?

Is Music Really a Visual Art?

( – We often turn to the sculptures and paintings to get a perspective on what an artist is really trying to express. But what if someone could hear colors and see sounds? It does exist.

Caitlyn from SeekerVR shares her life experience here in this video:

She has a condition called synesthesia, which means she experiences a blending of the senses. In her case, music manifests into colored lights. This raises a question: Is music a visual art? Let’s explore.

  • Natural connection. Even not having synesthesia, humans connect music with visual art. Bands like TSO use lights and lasers set to music. The audience gets charged up when feeling the beat paired to a visionary masterpiece.
  • A different story. When we pair music with lights and stories, the song takes on a new meaning. It leaves its own impression on the listener and offers a different perspective from the original version.
  • Music sticks in our memory. With or without a video or light show, music leaves an impact. The tunes and beat allow us to form our own visuals, which is what makes music so amazing.

Anyone who has watched a concert or light show can see how wonderful it is to connect music and visuals together. Those born with the gift of synesthesia are blessed. For the rest of us, we just need to recreate that art form.

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