The Ocean’s True Depth Will Shock You

The ocean is an abyss of mystery. It holds a depth of space that encompasses vast ecosystems, both new and undiscovered. At the surface, it doesn’t always appear to be that deep — but the more the pros study, the more they’re proving otherwise. 

When you put the world into a clearer, more concise perspective with this fascinating video, its true depth will blow you away! 

According to the National Ocean Service, the ocean’s average depth sits at around 2.3 miles. That number pales in comparison to one location called the Mariana Trench. Also known as the Challenger Deep, its depths span a staggering 36,200 feet. 

What kind of sea life can survive and thrive down there? A creature called the Dumbo Octopus with huge, floppy ears and tiny tentacles scour the pits of the darkest, deepest areas of the sea for prey. Able to swallow its quarry in a single gulp, this creature’s white, pasty skin evokes fear in nearby predators. 

Another horrifying creature that lives in the deep ocean is the Frilled Shark. With an eel-like body and 300 sharp teeth that allow it to attack prey as it slithers and swims at a rapid pace, this fish is a formidable opponent. 

To put the ocean’s true depth in perspective, think of Mt. Everest. It stretches to around 29,029 feet above sea level, or 5.5 miles high. By comparison, the Challenger Deep is around 7 miles down instead. 

With a space so far removed from the world as we know it, it’s no wonder some experts believe the ocean’s deepest depths may be where life itself originated. These mysteries are truly mesmerizing and fascinating at the same time.