At-Home Massage Tips for Anxiety and Stress Relief

At-Home Massage Tips for Anxiety and Stress Relief

( – Avoiding the pitfalls of anxiety and stress isn’t always easy. Once you’re in that mindset, it can be really difficult to break free from it. Still, there are ways to combat the effects stress has on the body — including acupressure.

Body Hub explains how targeting pressure points relieves anxiety here:

Can’t make it to the spa or massage therapist? Try these simple at-home massage pressure points to see if they help you decompress and relax instead.

  • The Nei Guan point. Located three fingers down from the wrist on the inner forearm, this pressure point alleviates stress-related nausea. It also instills a calming effect to help ground emotions.
  • The shoulder well. Located between the shoulder and base of the neck, this area holds a lot of stress. Massage lightly to relieve tension across the body and boost energy levels.
  • The heavenly pillar. This pressure point consists of the two muscles at the back of the neck where the base of the skull meets. Some people gain relief from anxiety and insomnia by lightly massaging the area.

These techniques might not solve all of your problems, but they can be helpful after a long and stressful day. Plus, they’re simple to do, totally free, and provide extensive relief from tension after a long day. Grab a partner for even more benefits. Sit back and relax. It’s time to pamper yourself!

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