This Dog Refuses to Be a Wet Blanket

This Dog Refuses to Be a Wet Blanket

( – Sometimes, we’re just not in the mood to get wet. We’ve all been there.

Imagine being a dog, and all you want is your ball so you can play on a nice day. But somehow, the ball ends up in the middle of the pool.

This dog is determined to retrieve his toy while staying fully dry, and he’s not giving up easily. If you need a smile today, you can watch this pup as he carefully waits for the ball to move within reach. See his awe-inspiring commitment for yourself in this video:

It’s hard not to feel a little sorry for the guy as he gingerly reaches across the water for his toy. But no worries — this story has a happy ending.

The patient canine does eventually get his ball. And he manages it with no more than a wet nose and a few damp paws. I call that a win! And it’s a good reminder that patience and persistence eventually pay off.

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