2000-Year-Old Seeds Sprout Proving It’s Never Too Late

2000-Year-Old Seeds Sprout Proving It's Never Too Late

(GivenUs.com) – If you think it’s too late to change or make a difference, think again. Take it from Methuselah, a Judean date palm tree that sprouted from a single seed after 2,000 years. What are the odds?

Apparently, they’re a little better than you might think. Methuselah is just the first of multiple trees that Dr. Sarah Sallon and her research team at Hadassah Medical Center discovered and planted after searching through some of Israel’s famous locations.

Following a bit of seed rehydration, hormone treatment and fertilization, Sallon and another member of her team, Elaine Solowey, planted the seeds and waited. Methuselah — and later, six other seeds — sprouted out of the ground and started growing into beautiful trees. The researchers are now breeding them to try to revitalize the date palm species, which has had a major impact on some of the world’s ancient history and culture.

So what can we learn from these unlikely lifeforms? Things can happen when you least expect them. Furthermore, it’s important to remember that you haven’t missed your chance. It’s never too late to try — sometimes even after 2,000 years.

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