No, You’re Not Just Seeing Red

No, You're Not Just Seeing Red

( – Ever notice when you step out the door in the city that many of the downtown buildings are red? Especially the fast-food chains? Their signs are primarily red because this color is attractive to the eye.

Tech Insider explains some of the reasons why you may be seeing red in the video below:

You’re not just seeing things. Red grabs your attention and makes you want to learn more. Here are some reasons we’re so attracted to the color red:

  • One of the first identified colors. Going way back in time, our ancient ancestors decided red was one of the easiest and most important colors to name. Back then, alphabets were uncolorful, so implementing the vibrant color red into the mix set precedence for other colors to come.
  • Attractive marketing gimmick? All the big fast-food chains and grocery stores typically have red in their signs. Red can provoke a sense of urgency. Restaurants use that info to attract hungry customers.
  • Hidden seduction. The color red is also a sly seduction tool. Seeing it may cause the brain to switch gears and want to investigate further. This is why those crispy, hot fries taste so good.

From product marketing to tricking the brain, the color red fits the bill. It’s the color of status and of popular merchants. Would you rather go to a burger joint with a red sign or a pink one? That is something to ponder.

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