Whisking Away the Winter Blues

Whisking Away the Winter Blues

(GivenUs.com) – The winter season can be beautiful. It can be a time to snuggle indoors with family and/or pets and feel cozy. Yet, for many people, the winter months mean cold, darkness and a creeping feeling of anxiety and hopelessness.

If you’re feeling the winter blues right now, you’re not alone. Researchers have found many people experience Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) during the winter months. This form of seasonal depression has many symptoms. Here are just a few:

  • Activities you once enjoyed are no longer engaging.
  • Feeling tired all the time has become the norm.
  • You have difficulty concentrating.
  • Sleep disturbances are affecting daily functioning.

Watch the following video for tips on addressing the symptoms of the winter blues:

The winter blues can hang around the duration of the season, but with a little effort, we can work to whisk them away. Instead of resigning ourselves to the struggle, we can be proactive about addressing it. Here are a few tips to deal with winter blues:

  • Consider taking Vitamin D supplements.
  • Start an indoor light therapy regimen.
  • Go to therapy for additional support during winter months.
  • Consider taking an antidepressant.
  • Reach out regularly for social support.

Just remember: Winter won’t last forever. Spring is just around the corner, and there’s nothing wrong with needing a little extra support to get there. With these life hacks, we can whisk away the blues and enjoy the last of the winter season.

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