5 Ways to Grow New Brain Cells

5 Ways to Grow New Brain Cells

(GivenUs.com) – As we age, we may find ourselves forgetting things here and there or just not being as sharp as we were when we were younger. While these are normal behaviors, it makes us wonder if there were some way we could improve cognitively. How about actually growing more brain cells! Wait, is this even possible? Let’s delve deeper below.


The study of neurobics simply means brain exercises. A Harvard Health report suggests that, with the right tools, we can actually create neurons that will improve memory and thinking skills.

Engaging in brain exercises each day may help you grow and replenish brain cells. It’s a way to allow the brain to manufacture its own energy to preserve and enhance brain cell growth. This technique hones our underused brain pathways to help fuse ends together and stimulate connections.

The way to do it is to focus on using all of your five senses throughout the day. You can also engage in small, mentally stimulating tasks or games to help get the same neurological response.

Aerobic Exercise

As your heart pumps oxygen-rich blood to your brain, it can help grow new brain cells. This can be achieved through daily aerobic exercise. The more intense the workout, the more cells that can develop. Sustained aerobic activity releases a protein called brain-derived neurotrophic factor. This can help regulate the formation of new nerve cells that may boost brain power.

Sexual Activity

One way to stimulate brain cell growth is to release tension and stress through sexual activity, according to Business Insider. This can generate brain cells to grow and improve the way your body reacts to stressful situations. The really good news? Having sex can boost brain cell growth in specific areas, especially the parts of the brain associated with memory.

Reduce Stress

A calm, relaxed mind is one that is receptive to absorbing and learning. This starts by reducing stress as much as possible. While a stress-free life may not actually build brain cells, it can help make your brain more receptive to other avenues that actually do boost growth. When your body is stressed or unsettled, anxiety and worry spike. Eliminating as much stress and strain on your neurological system as possible can lead to better overall mental acuity.

Eat This, Not That

Diet plays a vital role in the development of new brain cells, says Medical News Today. Foods like blueberries, fish and even chocolate can help keep your brain performing its best. There are some choices to stay away from, such as excess caffeine. While caffeine provides a viable energy boost, it’s temporary. Stick to healthy foods and don’t forget the H20!

Focusing on a healthy diet, eliminating stress and playing fun brain games can help make your brain a real workhorse. Growing brain cells doesn’t have to be too complicated. Start small and build your way up to improved cognitive health. This may be the key to a long, smart life for many years to come!

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