Dropping a Car Onto the World’s Strongest Trampoline

Dropping a Car Onto the World's Strongest Trampoline

(GivenUs.com) – What would happen if you dropped a car 150 feet onto a trampoline? Apparently someone out there was also curious about the answer to this question, because a group of friends challenged themselves to find the answer and video it, too.

They started by constructing the world’s strongest trampoline.

Then, this happened…

It worked! Not only did the trampoline hold up despite the unbelievable energy of the impact, but it bounced the car. And the car sustained very little damage. It was all possible through thoughtful design and construction. Proper planning made it happen!

It’s a great lesson you can apply to your own goals. Whatever your dreams are or however outlandish they may seem, you can make them happen with proper foresight, planning and execution. Start by deciding what you want the framework of your life to look like. Then, etch out simple steps for following your dreams — and follow through, one at a time.

You’ve got this!

~Here’s to Your Success!

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