When Motherhood Chooses You

When Motherhood Chooses You

(GivenUs.com) – You’ve probably heard the expression “fighting like cats and dogs.” But what happens when a stray kitten chooses a dog to be her mom? Watch to find out:

Sometimes, motherhood isn’t in your plan, and yet it chooses you anyway. Unplanned pregnancies happen. Fostering and adoption, pet ownership and even mentoring can slip into a person’s life in unexpected turns. There are so many ways life can put you in the role of nurturing someone else.

When you find yourself playing mom when you least expect it, here are some tips to remember.

Accept Your Role as Learner

Whether you’re an actual mother or just a mentor, know that you aren’t expected to be perfect. You’re learning, too. Practicing compassion for yourself is a way of modeling this important life skill. Do your best, learning from your mistakes, and you’re going to be just fine.

Toss Out Your Expectations

Whatever you thought about motherhood, throw it out. Your expectations may not align with reality. Learn to flow with the present moment. Having a flexible attitude can be especially helpful if you find yourself managing special needs or unexpected life challenges.

Lead With Love

If you’re not sure how to be a mother and find yourself in this role in any form, know that it’s hard to go wrong if you lead with love. If each choice you make is guided by your heart, you’ll likely make more healthy choices than poor ones. And if you mess up? Remember that you’ve tossed out your expectations and accepted that you can’t be perfect. At least be loving.

We’re not saying you should take in every stray kitten that crosses your path. But know this: When motherhood chooses you, your life could change in an instant. It might be a challenge, but it can also be its own reward.

~Here’s to Your Success!

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