A Journey to the Pub at the End of the World

A Journey to the Pub at the End of the World

(GivenUs.com) – Looking for a way to beat the daily doldrums of life? Why not head to the most remote pub on the planet, the Old Forge in Knoydart, Scotland?

Check it out here:

While there’s nothing better than a refreshing draft beer after a long journey, it may take you a bit to get there. Kind of like the way our life-path ebbs and flows. Let’s discuss.

There Is No Straightforward Path

Your destination is up ahead, but roadblocks are at every turn. Just like the producers’ trip to Knoydart, we can face numerous tribulations throughout our journey. Remember to keep perspective. Train, car, boat — they will all get you there, but however you go about it, what’s most important is that you keep moving forward.

Take In the Beauty Along the Way

Even if you decide to visit somewhere by train or car, don’t forget to take in what’s around you. Green fields of wildflowers, towering woods and sparkling shores await. If you blink, you might miss an unforgettable sight.

While some goals may seem out of reach, or the destination feels like it’s still miles away, have hope. When you really look at it, it’s not the finish line that matters as much as the journey to get there.

~Here’s to Your Success!

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