Are You Losing This Important Skill?

Are You Losing This Important Skill?

( – Believe it or not, critical thinking isn’t necessarily a skill you’re born with or without. It’s something you have to develop and nurture over time. The bad news is our current society isn’t exactly a great place for nurturing critical thinkers.

We live in an age where all the information in the world is right at our fingertips. And according to this video creator, it’s making us a bit lazy.

Your brain is pretty smart — so smart, in fact, that it knows to take the easy route when that choice becomes available. If the easy decision involves looking for help for every problem online, it will most likely become a second nature.

So how do you beat this habit and start enhancing those important critical thinking skills? The video above offers a few strategies that might be able to help, like putting aside the phone and trusting in your ability to problem-solve without it.

The Internet is a fantastic tool. But it’s a power that must be used wisely. You’re more capable than you think.

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