5 Psychological Tricks to Make People Like You

5 Psychological Tricks to Make People Like You

(GivenUs.com) – Wanting to be liked is completely normal. However, sometimes interpersonal relationships can be challenging. What if there were scientifically proven ways to trick people into liking us?

It turns out that there are! We can use psychological concepts to help others like us better. Watch the following video to see how this works:

Here are five psychological tricks to consider using:

  • Spend more time interacting. The mere-exposure effect has been shown to make people like us better. It’s best to spend more time with people we would like to befriend.
  • Compliment others. When we want others to like us, we should try to be complimentary. Of course, we want to keep those compliments appropriate, avoiding physical observations that might make someone else uncomfortable.
  • Show off a sense of humor. Researchers have found that people who are perceived as having a good sense of humor tend to be more well liked. Instead of cracking jokes or trying to use self-deprecating humor, we can allow our natural sense of humor to shine.
  • We can like them. People tend to like us if we like them. It’s called the reciprocity of liking. It is the same concept as “to be a friend, be friendly.” When we are predisposed to like someone, they will be more likely to reciprocate.
  • Focus on shared values. Instead of diving into controversial subjects, find common ground. Researchers have found that we tend to like people who share common values with us.

Each of these techniques is based on proven psychological concepts. Making a friend doesn’t have to be difficult or complicated. Instead, we can find ways to connect, be friendly and show that we’re open to establishing a friendship by our mood and demeanor. However, if we don’t find that what we’re doing now is working, we can try out a few psychological tricks to help others like us better.

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