Time Travel PROOF? You Be the Judge

Time Travel PROOF? You Be the Judge

(GivenUs.com) – Do you believe time travel exists? Just like many movies including Back to the Future and Somewhere in Time, theatrics try to prove it does. But this is real life. Check out some of these ideations from WhatCulture:

Here a few interesting suggestions that could indicate proof of time travel:

  • The Nicolas Cage theory. This one is kind of creepy. Actor Nicolas Cage surely has some doppelgangers from the past. There are photos that show near-identical men in different time periods that draw an uncanny likeness to the actor, but some conspiracists claim he truly is a time traveler.
  • iPhone conspiracy. This is a conspiracy that time travel exists through secret apps on an iPhone — a sort of virtual simulation if you will. The belief is that people have been able to travel back in time but are not revealed because of some top-secret conspiracy theory. Elon Musk told Space.com that he thinks it’s a real possibility.
  • The Scottish time ship. According to Military.com, this conspiracy revolves around a World War II destroyer, the Eldridge, stationed in Philadelphia. The story goes that the government used a top-secret experiment to make the ship invisible to enemies. Supposedly, the Eldridge disappeared into a green-blue mist, reappeared in Virginia and then returned later to Philly. Some crew members lost track of time and others went insane. Was this time travel?

So what do you think? Is it possible to travel back in time? Experts have many different theories about it, but they don’t always have scientific proof to back their claims. Until we discover any different, we might need to leave this concept to the movies.

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