5 Effective Exercise Routines That Are Actually Fun

fun exercise

The initial response that comes to mind when we hear “exercise” is something along the lines of “no thanks.” Or maybe you just dread the thought of day 2 sore quads after a long leg workout. It is possible to get plenty of exercise and have a fun time.

Most of us just leave exercise at that- a thought without follow-through. Believe it or not, there are fun ways of getting that heart rate up and getting a good workout besides just going to a gym or doing crunches in your living room.

1. Hiking

Hiking is a great way to get a full-body workout while enjoying the great outdoors. Not only are you able to soak up some vitamin D, but a hike comes with a beautiful view in making it to the end of the trail. 

Hiking is a great way to get a solid leg, core, and cardiovascular workout. Studies show that those who hike regularly are less likely to suffer heart disease or other respiratory issues down the road. This activity is also great to do with friends! Pack some fruit or granola bars, play some music on a speaker, and enjoy a workout as you spend quality time with friends!

2. Rock Climbing

Need a great arm and upper body workout? Rock climbing is the perfect way to challenge yourself without having to do crunches or lifting. Not only does it strengthen your core and arms, but rock climbing also engages your glutes, thighs, and calves too. 

Many fitness centers have rock climbing facilities. If not, find a rock climbing place near you and check it out! They typically have all difficulty levels, so you can slowly work your way up to more challenging climbs. Rock climbing has proven to boost performance in other sports and physical activities as well.

3. Spin Class

Spin classes are known for their high-energy instructors who lead attendees through a vigorous and long-lasting cycling workout- and that is exactly what it is! After your first class, your legs will have had the best workout of their lives.

Like other exercise classes, endurance grows as you keep taking classes. Your muscles strengthen and grow with regular attendance. Other benefits of this class include the release of tension and stress, and you will leave with a boosted mood!

4. Tabata Class

If this is the first time you hear of a “Tabata class,” it is an intense cardio stretch and strength class and is no joke despite its peculiar name. Like a spin class, the instructor will encourage every person through each extreme workout circuit, keeping the energy up throughout the whole class.

Tabata classes will boost metabolism and help you lose body fat while improving your cardio and overall endurance. What’s unique and specifically fun about Tabata classes is after each circuit, after the instructor counts down from 5, everyone yells “Tabata!”. So in leaving the class, your adrenaline and energy will be high despite just completing an intense full-body workout.

5. Dance Class

Whether you go for a ballet or hip-hop class, dance as a whole is excellent not only for your body but your mental health too! Whether you’ve taken dance before or not, there is a class out there for you to enjoy that’s best suited to your experience level. 

Dance is a great way to improve flexibility, balance, posture, cardiovascular endurance, and your overall mood. This form of exercising is unique because while it’s pushing your body to the limit, it is also releasing tension and stress at the same time as your mind is letting out endorphins. You will leave feeling uplifted, less anxious, and your muscles stretched and worked out.

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