Why “Being Weird” Is AWESOME


(GivenUs.com) – As human beings, we often have a natural desire to fit in. We’re afraid of standing out from the crowd too much or embarrassing ourselves in public. If you feel like this from time to time, I get it. You’re in good company.

But is being “weird” really so terrible?

Making a good impression isn’t necessarily about being agreeable or good at making small talk. It’s about setting yourself apart — making yourself memorable.

Whether you’re trying to make your way in the business world or make new friends, sometimes the best method to succeed is to just be yourself. Being honest and speaking from the heart can go a long way.

Maybe you have a special interest or quirk, or there’s an obscure subject you feel passionate about. Letting some of your weirdness shine through is okay, as it helps people remember you — and it often helps you attract the type of individuals you want to spend time with, too!

The right people will be likely to remember and appreciate your colorful personality traits. You can’t go wrong by being you… quirks and all.

~Here’s to Your Success!

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