What the Waffle Rock?

What the Waffle Rock?

(GivenUs.com) – In a small, rural section of West Virginia, there’s a place called Mineral County. Here sits the infamous Waffle Rock, an irregular-shaped rock formation that some people believe could have come from aliens. Listen to what MysteryHistory reports about it here:

So what gives the impression that it could be from another planet?

Odd Bands of Materials

The first impression of the rock is the geometric design it displays throughout. Within that, it contains sandstone material that has been broken up by tectonic plate shifts over 200 million years ago. But was it born here on Earth, or did it land by accident?

Each planet contains its own isotopes of material. When closely inspected, these properties can be easily identified. This would give a good indicator whether it’s derived from here or comes from another planet or galaxy.

Precision of Formation

What makes Waffle Rock unique is the way it’s formed. It’s believed to be broken off from a larger piece because there are similar rocks in nearby areas.

The cracks from sandstone along with percolating water and iron oxide formed a hard shell. As the rock began eroding, the unique waffle design on the rock remained, creating a distinct appearance that inspired its nickname.

Could It Be a Spaceship?

Although there is a legitimate reason for the design, many people are still drawn to the mysterious nature of the rock’s formation. Could there be some clues at the core of it? There’s only one way to find out: Analyze it further.

It’s an intriguing sight, to say the least. The geometric formations offer something that suggests it could actually be created from a life light years away. While age has shaped and formed most of the patterns, there still lies a little mystery. It’s up to you to decide.

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