Virgo Horoscope

Aug 20, 2022… You could find your temper a bit testy today, Virgo. Between a hot temper and a high stress level, you’re in good company with others of your sign. It would be easy today to be snappish if someone starts with you, but the day will go better if you hold your tongue. Try to keep in mind that these feelings are temporary when they rise up — the feelings will flee as fast as they came if you allow it. Ride the ebb and flow instead of fighting it. Tap into your trademark serenity and set the standard for the day by rising above and keeping your cool.

Today’s Inspiration: Strength can come in many forms. It can be hard, like steel; it can be yielding, like bamboo; or it can be enduring, like the redwood. But strength can also be formless, like the wind. Strength can be a thought. Strength can be wisdom. Strength can be you.