Virgo Horoscope

Mar 22, 2023… You could be faced with tough decisions today, Virgo. Making sure you have all the information before deciding what to do is critical for success. As some information might not be immediately clear, doing your homework before making any agreements is wise. Digging into your flair for topnotch investigative research can save the day. Don’t forget to trust your gut in the process. By making sure you have all the facts you need, you can tackle your Wednesday with confidence.

Today’s Inspiration: Life moves in cycles, like the moon. We each have our time to shine, and our time to step quietly back. We wax and wane as we grow and age, building our lives and building ourselves along the way. Sometimes we fall into shadow, shaded by others, and sometimes we are exposed in all our beauty. Each is a phase, and each will pass. And each will eventually come back around again.