Virgo Horoscope

Nov 30, 2022… Your natural intuition could pick up on the vibes of anyone who will be having a rough time today. It’s one thing to be a good listener, but sometimes people can be cheered up with just a smile or a few well timed jokes. Tapping into the side of Virgo that is filled with calm and in touch with the Universe can help you rise to the occasion. You can feel your way through the right words to say. Simple, loving acts of kindness will make a big difference to someone who needs it. Cheering someone up may make your day a little warmer, too.

Today’s Inspiration: Though you may feel broken, you are still alive. There is admirable strength in going on even after you feel shattered. Keep going, friend. The most valuable gems are broken, shattered, and refined before their true beauty can shine through.