Pisces Horoscope

Nov 20, 2019… Pisces could look to dive into some relaxation, perhaps even in the company of a friend or partner today. If you can escape for a bit, this will be a great vibe to just let off some steam. There’s no need to unload in serious conversations or tackle the world’s problems. Having someone you can just hang out with in your pajamas or kick up your feet with for awhile may be just the thing to do today. Let the chaos of the world pass you by while you get busy doing… well… hopefully, not too much.

Today’s Soul Advice: Let your expectations of happiness be fluid. Life is full of surprising experiences, but rigid expectations of what happiness is could keep you from enjoying them. Allow your anticipation to shift and change. Be open to the unexpected and you’ll be astonished by just how many unique things can bring you joy.