Libra Horoscope

Aug 6, 2021… A busy day will likely keep you moving today, but expressing yourself creatively will be the way to your real mojo. So, if you get a little downtime, make time to indulge in something you love. You could paint, draw, write, craft, build, or anything that allows you to express yourself and relax. Channel any frustrations through your creativity and watch them melt away.

Today’s Soul Advice: Are You Ready? You’ve probably heard the saying “Life is a marathon not a sprint.” That’s some kind of BS, actually! Life is absolutely a series of sprints and you better be ready for them. How do you get ready? Train and recover. That’s right. As humans, we were made to sprint beyond our preconceived limits, get stronger, experience brief pain, rest, recover, grow stronger mentally and physically. There’s no pill for it. You are just that awesome.