Capricorn Horoscope

Aug 6, 2021… You could spend a little too much time today beating yourself up for being only human. Sometimes people think Caps don’t spend a lot of time sweating the small stuff. What they don’t realize is that you hold yourself to a high standard and are far tougher on yourself than you could ever be on someone else. This self-analysis today could be harsh, even for you. Give yourself a little more credit where it is due. You rock! Let go a little and start your weekend right.

Today’s Soul Advice: Are You Ready? You’ve probably heard the saying “Life is a marathon not a sprint.” That’s some kind of BS, actually! Life is absolutely a series of sprints and you better be ready for them. How do you get ready? Train and recover. That’s right. As humans, we were made to sprint beyond our preconceived limits, get stronger, experience brief pain, rest, recover, grow stronger mentally and physically. There’s no pill for it. You are just that awesome.