Capricorn Horoscope

Aug 18, 2022… You will likely be poised to clearly see how you look to the outside world today, Capricorn. Rather than trying to hide flaws, enhance your positive features and find ways to use your “flaws” to benefit you. If you’re trying to change the face you present to the public, remember that it’s really about presenting more of the real you. Do what you do best, and do it with pleasure. Listen for your own drum beat and start walking to it. The world will take notice even when you think no one is looking.

Today’s Inspiration: Strength can come in many forms. It can be hard, like steel; it can be yielding, like bamboo; or it can be enduring, like the redwood. But strength can also be formless, like the wind. Strength can be a thought. Strength can be wisdom. Strength can be you.