Aquarius Horoscope

Jul 11, 2020… Someone in your social circle could likely use a boost today. All you may need to do is recognize what is special about them. Be generous with praise and notice their achievements, however large or small. That softer, humanitarian side of Aquarius can get a real charge out of lending a helping hand and spreading some love — even if it is just a few caring words. Most people are starving for a little praise and recognition, and you have the power to give it. Send out some amazing vibes today. It could make someone’s day, and you can get a boost just from seeing them smile.

Today’s Soul Advice: Do you ever feel like it’s too late to do something? Every day that you wake up, you are given the opportunity to follow your dreams, start a new project, or go on an adventure. “Too late” is only a limitation you place on yourself.