Leo Horoscope

Jul 21, 2019… The winds of change can be strong today. Leos are known for being strong and tough, but what do you do when things turn upside-down? This can include anything from minor schedule shifts to major life events. Today’s energy points to adapting change into your life rather than fighting the tide. By going with the flow, you might find that some exciting and interesting stuff develops when you least expect it.

Today’s Soul Advice: Life is really quite like an ocean. Some of us choose to swim towards our goals, even when the tides are against us, others prefer to float, letting the waves take them wherever. There are also plenty of people who combine swimming and floating. Swimming can be exhausting, but swimmers have clear goals in mind and determination in their hearts. Floating takes people places they may not like, but it also allows them to go on amazing adventures. A compromise of the two shows a certain resourcefulness. Whether you swim, float, or do a little bit of both, your choices grant you strengths that will help you navigate the ocean of life.