Leo Horoscope

Aug 4, 2021… Changes can pay you a visit today. You might not always be a big fan of change, unless — of course — you’re an active participant or the primary catalyst for it! There will be things you cannot control, such as circumstances or decisions made by those around you. When those things come up, try to make the conscious effort to go with the flow. In the end, you may find that it is far more pleasant than trying to swim against the current.

Today’s Soul Advice: Are You Ready? You’ve probably heard the saying “Life is a marathon not a sprint.” That’s some kind of BS, actually! Life is absolutely a series of sprints and you better be ready for them. How do you get ready? Train and recover. That’s right. As humans, we were made to sprint beyond our preconceived limits, get stronger, experience brief pain, rest, recover, grow stronger mentally and physically. There’s no pill for it. You are just that awesome.