Pisces Horoscope

Oct 23, 2021… Pisces could tend to be suspicious of those around them today. Okay, so that doesn’t seem too odd for an emotionally intuitive Pisces, but you have the potential to go a little too far. If a red flag recently went up in your mind, you’ve probably already pulled out the detective gear and spy equipment. Hold on there, Sherlock. There probably aren’t as many clues to follow or footprints to sniff as you think there are. Give the benefit of the doubt to those who have earned your trust, and if you have a problem, ask them straight up! You may find reasonable explanations follow pretty quickly.

Today’s Soul Advice: Each moment is fleeting, so capture as many moments as you can. Each one serves to define you, each another building block toward the person you are today — and the person you will be tomorrow. You are, in part, what you’ve lived, so create each memory as one to remember.