Gemini Horoscope

Aug 4, 2021… You might be the one staring out the window when you’ve got important things to do today. Wistful daydreaming or distracting thoughts might have you struggling with focus more today than in other days. It can take extra effort on your part to do things that matter while thoughts of the moment keep drawing your attention away. If you absolutely, positively cannot get focused, take a break and think about whatever is drawing your attention away. Work it out in your mind, then pack it up and get back to your priorities.

Today’s Soul Advice: Are You Ready? You’ve probably heard the saying “Life is a marathon not a sprint.” That’s some kind of BS, actually! Life is absolutely a series of sprints and you better be ready for them. How do you get ready? Train and recover. That’s right. As humans, we were made to sprint beyond our preconceived limits, get stronger, experience brief pain, rest, recover, grow stronger mentally and physically. There’s no pill for it. You are just that awesome.