Gemini Horoscope

May 24, 2019… Geminis could look for unique ways to express love today. When you use the same methods all the time, it’s easy for the meaning to be taken for granted. Look around for new ways to express yourself. An unexpected love note, taking care of a loved one’s to-do list, or a night out on the town are just some of the things you might consider. There are lots of ways you can show your love, so don’t hesitate to get personal when the mood strikes.

Today’s Soul Advice: Even happy people get sad sometimes. When you’re on the path to training your brain to be more positive, it can be easy to feel like you’ve failed when you reach a rough patch. There is no failure on this journey. Happy people cry, grieve, and get stressed out, too. Even the strongest of us fall down. The difference is that when we get back up and try again, we won’t lose sight of the fact that there will be joy waiting around the next corner for us if we choose to chase it.

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