Aries Horoscope

Nov 20, 2019… Aries could get an urge to put their feet up today. Don’t feel guilty if you can sneak in a nap. It isn’t like you’re going to turn into a sloth. Wellness isn’t just about exercising and eating right. You also need to fit some R&R into your routine. In fact, a lack of rest can have a serious impact on your health — physically and emotionally. So, go ahead — unplug and recharge your batteries, even if it is just for a few minutes. Restoring your energy for the rest of the week can be a body positive move.

Today’s Soul Advice: Let your expectations of happiness be fluid. Life is full of surprising experiences, but rigid expectations of what happiness is could keep you from enjoying them. Allow your anticipation to shift and change. Be open to the unexpected and you’ll be astonished by just how many unique things can bring you joy.