Scorpio Horoscope

Jan 23, 2021… Scorpios can be drawn into intense conversations today. Remember, some people are grossly mistaken about how your mind works and they may never really understand you. That’s okay. Like-minded people will understand you perfectly. If you take the time to explain your emotional nature to someone who doesn’t get you, you’ve done your part. They don’t have to understand and you can’t force it. Instead, seek out those who really get you. Be with someone who lets you be uniquely you.

Today’s Soul Advice: The solar system is much like an atom, with the Sun as its nucleus and the planets as circling electrons. To think that this huge thing is a mirror image of some of the smallest building blocks of life and matter is pretty awe inspiring. It is a reminder that the energy we all share isn’t much different — no matter your size in your relationship to the universe.