This Student Made Solar Energy Even Cheaper

This Student Made Solar Energy Even Cheaper

( – When it comes to sustainable lasting energy, solar power is at the top of the list. While most solar power is free, it takes a decent investment to set it up. From panels to other non-biodegradable components, it also takes up space. While the return is plentiful, there has to be a better way. An engineering student may have just come up with the perfect invention. Read ahead to learn more.

James Dyson Sustainability Award

How did this whole idea come to fruition? Carvey Maigue is an engineering student from the Philippines. During this process, he gained international attention for his idea of turning food waste into solar panels. Not only that, but he also added a touch of beauty to the mix.

His prototype gives off a stained-glass vibe, offering comforting and attractive aesthetics. This prompted his professors to suggest applying for the prestigious award, and low and behold he won.

Sustainability With a Colorful Twist

Sustainability is all about using less energy and fewer resources while increasing the uses and benefits. Leaving the world as untouched as possible is the true meaning of sustainability. Maigue takes his invention a step above simple solar power ideology.

His invention called AuREUS turns waste into cladding that creates stunning colorful layers of material. The cladding is layered over windows, generating clean energy from UV light — even when it’s cloudy out.

Make Energy, Not Waste

Food is the main fuel source for creating AuREUS panels. Crop waste or damaged plants compose much of the panels. The approach offers a great way to prevent excess waste from going to the landfill. Maigue makes his prototypes from the upcycled waste, giving his work a bright new chance to leave a positive eco-friendly impact on Earth.

No Sunshine? No Problem

This is where Maigue’s prototype makes a big statement. Traditional solar panels convert visible light into a form of electricity. This energy is only in small portions, hence why the panels are so large. For the AuREUS, the tiny panels can capture and collect light even when the sun is hidden behind the clouds.

The best part? The panels give off a colorful kaleidoscope effect that is pure beauty when placed on buildings and structures.

There are so many hidden talents people have that go undiscovered. When creators have the drive, resolve and determination, they can put their minds to anything. Creating a better world for future generations makes a true mark in history books. With so much waste and pollution, the AuREUS is a beneficial and welcoming invention that will change the world.

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