This Crazy Glass Art Will Inspire You

This Crazy Glass Art Will Inspire You

( – Have you ever thought about the time and dedication it must take to create a glass sculpture? No? Well, it’s pretty inspiring.

Artists make it look so easy. You hand them a few tools and some materials, and if you’re not an expert yourself, they can appear to create masterpieces without any real effort.

But that’s far from the case. This video proves it.

You have to hand it to artists with the passion and patience to mold beautiful shapes and sky lights out of glass. The video above shows 15 beautiful glass creations from incredibly talented individuals.

People poured hours of hard work and dedication into each of these pieces, and the diversity of the work is stunning. From cold glass sculptures to entire buildings made of glass, you see how many possibilities there are when you work with this material.

Feeling inspired yet?

Whether you create art in your own life, or you have some other outlet for expression, there are countless ways you can make your passions come alive.

Any time is a good time to embrace your creativity — or maybe start obsessively researching glass sculpting practices. You might find your new favorite hobby.

~Here’s to Your Success!

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