The 5 Stages of Every Friendship

The 5 Stages of Every Friendship

( – Friendship. It’s a word that sparks comfort for most people when they think about their tight-knit group of pals. Most friendships are fluid and change as you both grow and lean in different directions. That means there are different stages, like Psych2go explains here:

Which relationship stage are you currently in with your besties? Check the list below to determine where you’re at.

  • Strangers. When someone strikes up a conversation on the street, there is always that thought that they could be a potential friend. You both have a ton of things in common, but you have to find out what their name is first. This is the first stage in every friendship. Mutual commonalities will determine if a budding friendship will grow or not.
  • Acquaintances. You’re sitting at the lunch table together or chatting every few days over coffee at the local diner. This is another step into the potential friendship zone. If this person inspires you, or just makes you happy with their presence, it could be a budding friendship.
  • Casual. This friend is your go-to for mall shopping, margaritas on a Friday night, or Euchre once a month. You have certain things in common, and this is what draws you in. It’s the camaraderie and light conversation you love.
  • Close friends. You’ve both been close for years. You know each other’s families and intimate secrets too. You could go months without speaking and then pick up exactly where you left off. A true treasure and something to cherish for many years to come.
  • Besties. Never underestimate the power of a sustained friendship. To earn the ultimate declaration of being someone’s best friend takes all the above and then some. You both have a close, unbreakable bond that no one can sever. Your friendship is a treasure to last a lifetime.

Friendships are vital at every stage of life. They enrich us with support, laughter and strength. We all seek to reciprocate feelings of happiness, praise, and commitment. Pals should also bring out the best in you. Remember, to gain a friend, you have to be one first.

~Here’s to Your Success!

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