Russian Math Is Way More Intense Than Common Core

Russian Math Is Way More Intense Than Common Core

( – If you thought Common Core was confusing, this will really blow your mind. A new video showcases a Russian-originating method for multiplication, fractions, and more… and it’s by far one of the most intense methods we’ve ever seen.

Feeling a little overwhelmed by that? Well, before you run for the (numbers-free) hills, let’s break down exactly what’s happening, here.

At first glance, this Russian method for multiplication seems more confusing than traditional multiplication. But once you break it down, you’ll see a whole new way of multiplying large numbers.

First, start by putting the two numbers you’re multiplying side by side instead of in a column. Then, start with the number on the left and halve it until you get to the lowest number you can. Don’t leave any fractions; round the number down instead. For example, half of nine is four and a half, but you don’t want any fractions here, so round down to four.

Next, take the number on the right and double it as many times as you halved the first number. Take out any rows with an even number on the left. Once you’ve done that, add up all the numbers on the right side, including the number from the original equation, and you’ve got your answer.

It sounds complicated, but with a little practice, you’ll get it down. That’s really a big part of the reason why we shared this story in the first place. No matter how difficult or challenging a situation seems, there’s always a way to break it down or master it. You just need to stick it out and keep trying until you get there.

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