Be More Assertive in Two Minutes

Be More Assertive in Two Minutes

( – Body language is even more powerful than you might think. The way you carry yourself can speak volumes about your mood and state of mind.

But did you know body language can also have an impact on your confidence? Just take it from Tony Robbins, who’s well-versed in physiology and its effects on the mind.

According to Robbins, “Emotion comes from motion.” So, if you want to become more assertive, one of the first steps is to start acting the part.

Even something as simple as straightening your posture can make a huge difference in just 2 minutes. Who would have thought it was that easy?

Becoming more assertive and boosting your confidence can take time and effort, but this quick tip can give you a head start. Give it a try next time you’re out in public and see how it changes your attitude!

~Here’s to Your Success!

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