Flying Cars Are Real. Here’s Proof.

Flying Cars Are Real. Here's Proof.

( – This has been a very unpredictable year, to say the least. With everything that’s happened, it can be difficult to envision a better future — much less one with crazy advanced technologies like flying cars.

Except, it turns out that particular example just might be true. No, this isn’t a joke – the KleinVision company successfully morphed a prototype into an actual flying car!

Take a first look at this ingenious model here:

It all started with a dream, but it’s surprisingly realistic and close to market. Reports show KleinVision’s new model is fully capable of driving and flying at mad, crazy, maneuverable speeds. We don’t exactly have all the details on what’s under the hood just yet, but the fact that this vehicle is this close to marketability says a lot.

Flying cars are really just the beginning, though. In truth, there’s a whole lot of advancement happening out in the world right now, even as the COVID-19 pandemic continues. Here’s how to keep evolving, even if you’re stuck inside.

  • Transformation is everywhere. Not being able to work, or see family and friends feels devastating. Maybe it’s all in perception. All that extra time on your hands gives you the chance to work on yourself. Take up yoga, work on that unfinished novel, sort through closet clutter. Just like a propeller gave Klein’s car a new lease on life, you can transform yourself and be stronger for it.
  • Old models are renewed. KleinVision took the idea of a car and airplane and meshed them together to create a new form of transportation. If you feel stuck, don’t try to change completely. Take the best version of your existing self and build from there. Add to your arsenal of knowledge by taking an enrichment class. Or fix up things around the house rather than tearing out and doing a complete remodel.
  • Unleash your strength and innovative ideas. While you may not have the drawing specs for a flying taxi, try honing in on what you know. Tap into sites like Fiverr to showcase your logo-making or graphic design work. Sell personalized t-shirts and jewelry on Etsy. Turning your ideas and hobbies into cash is a great way to build a side business and accomplish goals.

The connection between you and a flying car? Things may be holding you back a bit, but look toward the future. There’s lots of magnificent stuff happening. Having a dream plants a seed of hope and restoration for the future. Life is evolving, and for the better!

~Here’s to Your Success!

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