Amazing Ways the Brain Works

Amazing Ways the Brain Works

( – The brain is simply amazing! There are several tiny variables that go into how the brain actually processes information. Ever wonder how you can think so fast?

In this video, AsapSCIENCE explains how fast and slow thinking actually works:

The brain uses illusions to trick us into thinking a certain way. Read on as we explore further.

  • Fast thinking. The brain uses as few resources as necessary to make problem solving quick. It compiles info we’ve learned in the past to implement answers for immediate questions and scenarios that require problem solving. Good examples include rounding numbers or answering quiz questions.
  • Slower thinking. The brain resolves complex issues by digging deep. It resorts to fast thinking answers to respond on the spot. If you’re quick to answer a question, but realize there’s more to it, your brain will stop you to pause for a moment to get the right response.
  • Which do you use? Find yourself thinking fast through life? While some split-second decisions come quick, others may take a little more time. Planning what to eat for dinner takes a different kind of thinking than deciding how much money to invest in stocks.

Our brain leads a vital role in who we are and how others view us. It also plays tricks based on the knowledge it already has to solve problems. Know that each moment is a memory in the making. Make it shine!

~Here’s to Your Success!

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