5 Friends Who Are Holding You Back

5 Friends Who are Holding You Back


Do you have a friend that breeds negativity? Maybe you have someone that constantly puts you in a bad mood or drains your energy on a daily basis. All the negative energy can hold you back and take a toll on your emotional wellbeing. It’s time to evaluate your most toxic relationships to determine if it’s time to give them up.

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Someone that holds you back can wreak havoc on your psyche and keep you from moving ahead in life. Toxic people are like the well-known party animal who annoys everyone at your parties, the friend who can’t stop taking unnecessary risks, and the unstoppable gossip girl can be a real drag. We’ll teach you how to know when enough is enough — and how to break free when you’re ready to walk away.

You Need to Break Free of These 5 Friendships Right Now!

The Party Animal

There’s always that friend who takes getting wasted to a whole new level! For your party friend, too many tequila shots leads to you having to pick up the pieces as the night progresses. Friends who party too hard can hold you back from getting to enjoy yourself and mingle with other guests. You end up dealing with the after-effects of your pal’s drinking. This includes making sure she doesn’t flirt too hard or go home with the wrong person. This can destroy your friendship because there’s a good chance they won’t remember what they did the next day.

The Risk Taker

Having a friend at work can be fun and rewarding — until they push the limit with responsibility. Your co-worker asks you to go to lunch, and she volunteered to drive. Problem is, she wants to make it a productive lunch by shopping and grabbing food on-the-go. Because she doesn’t want to be back within the allotted one-hour time frame that your boss requires, she pushes the time card out to an hour and a half. Then you both get written up. Avoid friends who want to engage in risky behavior, especially in the workplace. It could cost you your livelihood!

The Gossip Girl

There’s always one gal in the group who loves to talk negatively about someone else. Before you know it, you hear all the juicy details. This leads to keeping secrets and possibly destroying relationships with other people in your friend circle. This turmoil can lead to added stress, anxiety and depression, ultimately affecting your health and wellbeing. Cut the gossip cycle by walking away and avoiding close contact with gossip girls.

The Pick-up Artist

If you’re happily married or in a serious relationship, the last thing you want is to jeopardize that. So how could going out for a few drinks with friends hurt anything? If you have a friend who loves to flirt and pick up other singles, it could deter you from having a nice night out. The result is you sitting at a table by yourself. Spending time with a pick-up artist could hold you back from quality family time or doing something with your spouse.

The Debbie Downer

Just being a listening ear to someone going through a breakup or failing a class can help them feel like someone cares. While friends do this all the time, it’s an issue when it becomes a consistent behavior without any reciprocation. If they fail to acknowledge when you’re facing a struggle or aren’t available when you need a helping hand, it’s time to reconsider the friendship.

Anything that holds you back in life shouldn’t continue on for the sake of your emotional wellbeing. Do you have a friend that is dragging you down in more ways than one? Boost your self-confidence by taking a step back to determine if they bring enough to the table or if it’s time to part ways.

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