10 Signs You’re a Born Influencer

You see sponsored posts pop up in your social media news feeds all the time. Celebrities and influencers are constantly talking about their favorite products, trends, or new services, and they’re getting paid to do it. It seems like a sweet gig, but being an influencer isn’t for just anyone. It takes a certain kind of personality and a willingness to put yourself out there to make it work. To help you decide whether it’s for you, here are 10 signs you just might be a born influencer, too.

Quick Read:
Do you have a strong social media following, a consistent posting schedule, and a big personality? Love the camera and have a thick skin? You may have exactly what it takes to evolve into a social media influencer. Let’s find out…

These 10 Signs Mean You Might be the World’s Next Biggest Instagram Star!

  1. You have unique tastes. You are good at flagging new music, fashion, or makeup trends before they become popular — and you’re usually right on target. People come to you for your opinions on what’s hot and what’s not.
  2. You make “friends” easily. You have a positive attitude and you attract all sorts of people, in real life and online. People like being around you and will seek you out to find out what you’re doing, wearing, or listening to.
  3. People don’t just watch you, they engage with you. Your social posts receive likes, comments, and shares in high numbers on a regular basis. Your fans actually stop and watch your live videos from beginning to end, asking questions and throwing out emojis while you’re talking.
  4. You’re consistent. People who have a set posting schedule with very few breaks or gaps tend to do very well on social media. Frequency is important to engagement, but it also tells bigger brands you’re someone they can really trust to promote their products.
  5. You have a niche you love. It might be sports, beauty, music, cooking, or something else you love. Your audience is attracted to your personality but also to your focus area. This will make it easier for brands to identify you as a true micro-influencer within the industry.
  6. You’re a “ham” who loves the camera. You’re comfortable in front of the lens, whether it’s to pose for a still picture, an action-shot, or talking on video.
  7. You’re on more than one social platform. A good influencer knows that different target audience segments hang out in unique places. You are good at catering to the content-types that are appropriate for different platforms.
  8. You don’t mind sharing your life with others — the good and the bad. People want to identify with the influencers they follow on social media. You don’t share every nitty-gritty detail of your personal life, but you are true to yourself and your audience knows you have flaws and challenges of your own.
  9. You’re a major trendsetter. Your friends see you trying a new brand and want to know exactly what it is and where you got it. You try new cooking techniques or makeup trends and everyone notices and starts asking questions.
  10. You have a thick skin. Haters will be hater and they’re all over the internet. The ability to handle unsolicited critique with dignity and grace is critical. A successful influencer doesn’t stoop down to the level of their haters.

Think you have what it takes to become a micro-influencer? Are you ready to be patient and put in the work to continue to grow your personal brand? Stay consistent and focused and before you know it, brands will be reaching out to you.