This Is Not What You Call Self-Care

This Is Not Real Self-Care

( – There are so many magazine and online articles about how self-care can impact your life. Maybe you’ve come to the realization that it’s exactly what you need. The only problem? Not everything really qualifies as self-care; some of those articles will have you convinced that indulging in bad habits is the best way to go.

College Humor puts a funny spin on why that’s an issue here:

So, what should you avoid?

  • Don’t make poor life choices. A night out with the girls can be fun — but you still need to think about what’s best for you. When you go out and binge drink or do a few recreational drugs, you are putting your life and others at risk. Invest in socialization and your own health by going out for a short hike or having a small picnic at your favorite spot.
  • Don’t fall back into old habits. One of the worst ways to respond to stress is to regress into your old self. It happens though, to the best of us — we get super-stressed and turn to unhealthy vices, like smoking cigarettes or binging on junk food.

All that hard work you’ve put into quitting a bad habit and living a healthy lifestyle can easily be destroyed in one minute. Instead, focus on a spa day, complete with a massage and some healthy snacks, to relax.

  • Avoid generating more debt. Thinking about how a shopping spree might help you unwind? Be careful — shopping can become a powerful addiction, and that might end up costing you financially. Just a single run to your favorite boutique or jewelry store can change everything. If you do shop, set a limit, then go to the bank and take out only what’s in your budget range.

Remember that real self care is about developing habits that will ultimately enrich your life, rather than bringing you down. It’s always good to nourish your psyche and to enjoy activities that bring you happiness. It’s your life — and you deserve wise choices, too.

~Here’s to Your Success!

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