These Everyday Items Might Surprise You

Secrets of Everyday Items

( – When we think of a certain household item or useful object, we generally assume that there’s only one way to use it. But that’s not always the case. You have to be open-minded. What if something you may use every day can also have another clever use?

The Be Amazed YouTube Channel shares some of the coolest secrets of everyday items that you likely never thought of. Check it out!

Here are some little-known secrets of everyday items that might have another use or purpose.

  • Have a key fob for your vehicle? Well, you may assume it has its usual uses, like unlocking your doors or starting your car and warming it up before you get in. But here’s a trick. Try going out near your car and holding the unlock button down for about 2 seconds. You will likely see the windows roll down. This is perfect if you are in a pinch.
  • Think that extra tiny suit pocket is just for fashionable or aesthetic purposes? Not quite. It comes from an old design adage that gentlemen used to keep their tickets from getting lost. I bet you were looking for the perfect place to store your train ticket….
  • Heading for a quick trim at your local barber shop? Did you know that barbers used to be the go-to for minor procedures back centuries ago? You could get a nice 2-inch fade along with a tooth extraction, while the barber stitched up a wound on your big toe!

Take a look around. There are so many hidden secrets that lie within everyday items you use. Investigate further, and you’ll be surprised by what you discover!

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